Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekends are hard...

I don't know about anyone else, but I find weekends the hardest time to stick to what I need to do. During the week, I am busy. I can find any number of things to fill my time instead of eating. But, then the weekend comes. Those 48 hours are the longest stretch of time I have uninterrupted with my kids anymore, since they are both in school. During the week, we get before school and after. It's chaotic and all business. So the weekends are a time when we can relax as a family and often, with relaxation comes boredom which means eating for no good reason. Also, Kayla doesn't get her medications on the weekend and her appetite really seems to swing into high gear. She always wants things like cinnamon rolls for breakfast, mac and cheese for lunch or dinner, pizza, McDonald's. She also loves grapes and watermelon and cantaloupe and turkey and lots of healthy things so please don't think I feed my kids junk! Well, all junk. =) I was just making a point that there is a lot of temptation in my face. Granted, she doesn't get a lot of these things, but just mentioning them sometimes stirs up the desire for them. I have been resisting pretty well but the urge is there, and I want that damn urge gone! I think starting to see changes, and feeling better, is slowly quieting them, thank goodness. I have so far been trying to find healthy alternatives for the things she wants. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes, there are just no substitutes. And my activity level seems to either be all or none on the weekends. Sometimes both days are packed full of stuff, like this weekend was supposed to be before Chayse caught a nasty stomach bug at school, and sometimes we just veg out completely. I find both scenarios challenging. I don't get a chance to walk when I am busy and when I come home, especially in the heat, I am tired and don't want to do the recumbent bike. I often struggle to eat correctly in social situations as well. Like Sunday, we went to the beach. Of course, one of the best things about the beach is the concession stand. So I had half of Chayse's footlong hotdog, a few fries, a small bag of chips and about half of Chayse's sherbert push pop. I also made sure to bring water to the beach and drank that. I think what will help me in the future is preparation. I should have brought things with us like turkey sandwiches, fruit and other healthier snacks. I think this will be the key to success as I go back into the working world, which I will be doing very soon. I was out a lot of the day and resorted to a drive thru smoothie for breakfast and skipped lunch. I need to make sure that doesn't happen all the time. That will be an on-going goal of mine moving forward with this life change. As for the weekend, I am going to try and prepare ahead there too. I tend to snack more so I will make sure things are on hand like fruit and veggies (mini sweet peppers, anyone?) and try to plan out meals instead of flying by the seat of my pants like we usually do on the weekends. I also don't want to use the weekends as a "cheat." I have heard that a few times and while I think there is absolutely a time and place for indulgences, but I don't want to do it every weekend, because I fear I won't be able to reign it back in. Maybe when I am not quite so new to all of this, I will be able to do it. What about you? Are you able to "cheat" successfully? What is the hardest time of the week/ day for you?

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