Friday, June 7, 2013

My expectations were low...

I have decided that Fridays are going to my weigh in days. So this morning, I stepped on the scale, not expecting a loss. I really didn't, because I have not exercised as much as I could have, except for the squat challenge I am doing (80 today! Oy!), and though I ate pretty well, I discovered a new treat and I thought it would do me in. Well, I lost 3 lbs! I was so surprised and thrilled. Every ounce is more motivation for me. Only up in health and down in pounds from here!

Aside from my loss, I want to discuss a new treat I have tried this week. First and foremost, I have a wicked sweet tooth. Like BAD. When I was pregnant with Kayla, I basically lived on chocolate, most especially Hostess cupcakes. But I have been really trying to steer clear of sweets. But then, Hungry Girl, who I follow on Facebook, advertised that Fiber One, whose brownies and chocolate chip softies I love, came out with two new flavors, Lemon Bars and Cinnamon Coffee Cake. Not only are they loaded with fiber, but they are 90 calories a bar. I went right to Walmart and hunted down the Lemon Bars. I couldn't find the Cinnamon Coffee Cake, so if anyone sees those at the store, let me know! But let me tell you, those Lemon Bars are out of this world! If you like lemon, they are intensely lemon-y and have a nice swirl of frosting on top. VERY satisfying to my sweet tooth. I know, not technically very healthy, but very good to get me over the sugar urges. Just wanted to share for those that struggle with a desire for sweets like myself. Two thumbs up!

In addition to the lemon bars, I have been eating cherries by the ton. I love this time of year because of all the great fruit options and cherries looked really good this week. I also like them because with the pit, it slows me down a little and lets me feel that I am full rather than just keep eating them like grapes, another of my favorites. I a big fruit person in general. So between the lemon bars and the cherries, I didn't have a lot of faith that I would lose anything. I also felt this week like I have been doing this wrong. I have seen so many people on my Facebook and on different sites I am on talking about how they go to bed hungry. I haven't been. I have been tracking all my food and calories on myfitnesspal, and I am under, by a decent amount, every day. I eat a snack most nights before bed. I guess I felt like because I wasn't going to bed with my stomach rumbling, I was not working to my full potential. But I guess those fears are quelled, as I continue to lose without starving. How about you? Do you snack at night? Do you go to bed hungry?

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  1. I never go to bed hungry! Your body can go into starvation mode with that huge gap. I plan out my calories and always have a snack at least an hour before bed (so I have time to digest some). I keep it low sugar, except maybe fruit sugar and balance it with any needs I may have protein/fiber/vitamin wise. With my fitness pal I am always well under, not even looking at my exercise.